November 28, 2013

3d Fiber Lashes from Younique.

Right now my favorite product is the 3D Fiber Mascara from Younique. Look at my lashes....
I know it's a bad picture but my lashes are amazing. I love them!
Every time I use the 3D Fiber Mascara I get a compliment. EVERY TIME! They are just waving at you saying "HI" and you can't help but notice. I'm obsessed!
Younique is having a 5 day Freebie (while supplies last) and you can get a free Mirror with any order you place. I really think you should come over to my website and purchase a set of these 3D Fiber Mascara (go wild & buy some pigments and bb cream too).
Younique also sells other great products that I use on the daily.
Here is what I use...
Awake Face Wash - it's really clearing up my skin!!
Brilliant Moisturizing Gel - leaves my skin silky smooth!
BB Flawless- not greasy like the store stuff (I use shade medium)
Concealer - I use Fabulous like a loose powder
Blushers - I love Sweet & Stunning
Pigment Eye Shadow - I love them all but Sexy & Devious is my fav!
Lip Gloss - Lavish - & it's not sticky!!
& of course my....
3D Fiber Lashes - It goes on just like mascara. Super easy and well worth it!
If you have any questions let me know, but I should tell you that.....
 Your husband called and said you can buy what ever you want. You deserve it!


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