December 6, 2013

Start Your Own Business Today! Decembers Younique Preseters Kit

I am building my team and I would love love for you to join!
I'm so excited!!
Younique is a great company to earn some extra money from home.
You can do it completely from the comforts of your own home. Of course you can still do face to face, booths, and at home parties but you don't have to. You decide how you want to run it. Also, you do not have to carry any kind of inventory unless you want to. Isn't that great!
With Younique I am making some extra money but it doesn't feel like work!! It is so much fun!! I get to play in make-up and people want to buy! Some ladies are already making a killing. It's pretty amazing!
My upline just make OVER $26,000 last month. It may take me 3-5 years to get to this but I can do anything for a short amount of time if it could give me financial freedom like this! THIS IS INSANE!
If you are coachable you can do anything you set your mind to!
Message me and ask how you can get started today!
Add me as a friend on facebook and see how I'm doing it!
I couldn't have said it better myself....

"Perfect time to start your business! Only a few reasons to get in NOW! Tax deductions, launching in UK and Australia, new incentive trip being announced with the qualification period starting 1/1/14, Spring product launch, less than 6000 reps and I could go on and on and on!

Time is money. Get going. A year from now you will wish you had started today." -Nichole
Who is signing up?
You'd be surprised who you're seeing sign up! We have the stay at home moms, work from home moms (like me), work moms, teachers, college students, doctors, & some men!
We are still under 6,000 presenters but we are growing fast! SUPER FAST! I signed up presenter #2264 just 2 months ago :)
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December 3, 2013

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Boy Birthday Party Ideas
Pirate Theme
This post is a year late but I hope you enjoy it.
Last year Jax had a Pirate Theme 3rd birthday.
Skelton Garland... 
Since his birthday is near Halloween, I was able to find a lot of skulls and skeletons from the dollar tree. Like this Skeleton garland, in the picture above.

 Pirate Birthday Banner...
 I made the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAX" banner myself using different papers, my ink printer, twine, hot glue and a lighter. Read more about the banner and see a close up HERE.


Pirate Snake Food Ideas:
Fruit Sword Kabobs, Chocolate Scrolls, Polly's Crackers & Cheese, Pirate Candy Oreos, Cheese Canon Balls (cheese balls).
I used burlap to help decorate the table and random beaded necklaces. I covered boxes in brown wrapping paper to lift up some foods.

The Cake...
I had so much fun making this cake! Find out more about this Pirate Skull Cake Here.

Finger Foods Table...
Pirate Finger Food Ideas. So good! We had...
Home Made Chicken Wings,
Sweet BBQ Meatballs
Veggies & Dip
Pasta Salad

Sweet BBQ Meatballs: Canon Balls. Find the recipe HERE.

This was a simple Skull Center Piece. I found the wreath and skull at the dollar tree.
How else does a Mom to a Pirate cut his cake? With his Pirate Sword, of course!

We asked the kids  to dress up as pirates (some did some didn't).
We had pirate patches, swords, and beads for all of them too.

My little man!
His Pirate Birthday Shirt....
Read more about his Pirate Birthday Shirt Here.
Pirate Thank You Goody Bags...
We made some cute handmade Pirate Loot Bags. Read more about the Pirate Goody Bags HERE.
September 2012 was a great day and I'm blessed that we got to celebrate Jaxson's Birthday together as a family.
Well... what did you think about this party?
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December 2, 2013

Tinker Bell Inspired Tutu Dress. Tutu Fairy

Tinker Bell Flower Girl Dress
I love this new creation that I was asked to make over the weekend. It was for a little girls Tinker Bell Birthday Party, but they didn't want an average tinker bell costume. They asked if I could turn my Midnight Peacock Dress into a Tinker Bell Dress and this is what I came up with.
This dress is made with shades of green tulle included: Mint, Olive, Hunter Green, Green, and Lime. It comes with a braided sash.
I hope you like it as much as I do.
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Today only... Great deal!

Don't forget!
Today, is the last day to get a *FREE* mirror and a *FREE* eye pigment!

Our eye pigment goes on smooth. A little goes a long way and you can use it dry or wet.

Spend $50 on my website to get these great freebies! Just in time for Christmas!
I already placed my order. I got the Make-up Brush Set. EEK I'm excited!

Our most popular product is our 3D Fiber Lashes...
My Eyes!
If you have any questions let me know! Also, next week I will have other great post from Christmas ideas, my latest cakes you have yet to see, & new Tutu Fairy creations. So stay connected :)

December 1, 2013

2 Great Freebies. 2 days only. Teacher Gift Ideas

2 Freebies.
Today & Tomorrow Only!

I'm so excited to share this with you.
I just found out about it today and it's too good not to share.
If you spend $50 or more through my Younique website you get both of these freebies!
A FREE Compact Mirror &...
A FREE Eye Pigment (eye shadow).
This is a $15 value perfect for the Holidays!
Teachers Gift Idea & Options...
Every year I give the kids teacher's a $25 gift certificate and a goody bag for the Holidays (I spend about $30 each teacher), but since I love Younique so much I'm excited to give them Lip Gloss & Eye Shadow.
 To save some money, I bought a 3 piece Lip Gloss Set & a 4 piece Eye Pigment set making their gifts only $22 instead of $30 each. I have 3 teachers this year, so I got to keep an Eye Pigment for myself. SCORE!
Depending on your budget....
$10 Budget: 1 Eye Pigment
$15 Budget: 1 Lip Gloss
$20 Budget: 2 Eye Pigments
$25 Budget: 1 Eye Pigment & 1 Lip Gloss
Have more than one teacher buy in sets and save money!
I made little gift tags that read....
"Thank You for letting me do "MAKE-UP" work!"
"I hope this "MAKES-UP" for my excessive talking."
I will post a picture of those soon. I can't wait for you to see them :)
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