December 1, 2013

2 Great Freebies. 2 days only. Teacher Gift Ideas

2 Freebies.
Today & Tomorrow Only!

I'm so excited to share this with you.
I just found out about it today and it's too good not to share.
If you spend $50 or more through my Younique website you get both of these freebies!
A FREE Compact Mirror &...
A FREE Eye Pigment (eye shadow).
This is a $15 value perfect for the Holidays!
Teachers Gift Idea & Options...
Every year I give the kids teacher's a $25 gift certificate and a goody bag for the Holidays (I spend about $30 each teacher), but since I love Younique so much I'm excited to give them Lip Gloss & Eye Shadow.
 To save some money, I bought a 3 piece Lip Gloss Set & a 4 piece Eye Pigment set making their gifts only $22 instead of $30 each. I have 3 teachers this year, so I got to keep an Eye Pigment for myself. SCORE!
Depending on your budget....
$10 Budget: 1 Eye Pigment
$15 Budget: 1 Lip Gloss
$20 Budget: 2 Eye Pigments
$25 Budget: 1 Eye Pigment & 1 Lip Gloss
Have more than one teacher buy in sets and save money!
I made little gift tags that read....
"Thank You for letting me do "MAKE-UP" work!"
"I hope this "MAKES-UP" for my excessive talking."
I will post a picture of those soon. I can't wait for you to see them :)
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