January 8, 2014

Firefighter Birthday Cake

Fondant Firefighter Cake
For Jaxson's 4th Birthday I made him a 3 tier firefighter birthday cake. I love the way it came out...
For this amazing firefighter cake, the bottom tier is a fireman's hose. I covered the cake in yellow fondant and dirtied it up using brown food coloring and water. I used a stencil for the "ENGINE #4", since it was Jaxson's 4th Birthday.
The middle tier cake is a building on fire. I covered the cake in brick red colored fondant. I used a brick impression mat to get a brick design. I used an edible flames sheet and build fondant window frames around it.
The top tier cake is Dalmatians spots. Every kid pairs a fireman with a Dalmatian dogs, plus the party decorations have a Dalmatian on it. I made a dog collar with the name JAX on it. I used edible silver luster dust to get the silver color.
The cake topper is a 4 coming out of flames. This is made out of a gum paste/fondant mixture. I had to make this 5 days in advance so it was hard enough to put on top of the cake.

The birthday boy loved it!

 Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet man! I will post pictures of his Firefighter Themed Birthday within the next few days.
What did you think about this cake? Do you have any questions about it?
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