January 10, 2014

Network Marketing B.S. Should I start a network marketing business?

I'm just speaking the truth of my observations.
Network Marketing B.S.
Someone once told me that I would hear every kind of excuse in the network marketing business, but I didn't realize how many I would hear in such a short amount of time. It's kind of entertaining; I'm not going to lie. I can't help but to smile & chuckle when someone says,
"I just can't right now."
"I will not have the time."
"My kids are too busy."
"My husband says No."

I'm guilty of the "I just can't right now".
When my up line told me about Younique. In my head I was just focused on, "I don't have time for this. I'm too busy. I'm about to have heart surgery. I can't do this with an online boutique, a firefighter husband, 4 dogs, and 2 kids running around."
But the truth is I wasn't giving it a fair chance.
Secret Entourage
We are women (and some men are with Younique), we can balance a lot of things at once, but the lack of knowledge with a Multi-level Company scared me. I did Mary Kay in my early 20's and failed. I knew what it took, but that was a time when we had to do everything face to face and not virtual. We had to keep products in stock and do the house parties. Not with Younique! We all hear the "it's a pyramid scheme", but that isn't true. If you knew the truth about a multi-level marketing business and residual income then everyone would do it.

It's the same people who come up with all the excuses that are also the ones saying....
 "I would do anything for financial freedom."
"I would do anything to be a stay at home mom."
"If only I could make an extra $300 a month."
"I could do anything for 5 years of my life if it could make me a millionaire."
 But would you really? Prove it!
Of course, there are the people who will sign up for a direct sales business and will only share it with family and friends. They will make a sell once a month and then it will fizzle out, but the people who treat this as a business and who actually work it will do amazing things. The key to network marketing is to sell the opportunity along with the products. Most people just try to sell the products.
Think of it this way...
You've always dreamed of owning your own business, so you save $250,000 to start a pizza shop. What are you going to do now? Wait for people to come to you or are you going to advertise? You may want to blog, tweet, Facebook, pass out fliers, etc..
This is the exact same thing but you can afford the $99 start up fee. You get to have fun and build a team. You get all the free pictures and advertising material you need. You get access to a team of ladies who work well together and give you advice when you get stuck. It's amazing, but on top of all this you can start building residual income. One of the ladies with Younique just posted her income last month. She only earned $335.50 in royalties from her sales, but since she built her team she made over $8900 in royalties total! FOR ONE MONTH!!
Hers VS Mine...
Yes, I know that is the extreme but this inspiring lady has only been with Younique for a year. It's possible! Treat it like a business and you will succeed! I only made $84 in royalties last month, but I just started 3 months ago. My team is of 4 people and it's growing! Each month I'll make more and more until, I too, will make substantial money.
I'm so excited and I would love for you to join me!
Check out Younique here!
Needless to say....
"I just can't right now."  - YES YOU CAN!
"I will not have the time." - 7 TO 10 HOURS A WEEK IS ALL IT TAKES
"My kids are too busy." -YOU CAN DO THIS!
"My husband says No." - HE WILL SUPPORT YOU!
Do you have any questions?
What is Younique? - Answers to questions you may have.


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