January 1, 2014

Win Free Products. Make-Up and Skin Care.

Hey Ladies!

I need your help!
You have supported me since the beginning of my blog and I would love for you to support me with sharing my new adventure. What's in it for you? A chance to earn free make-up!
I need 5 or more ladies to host an online party for me via Facebook. It's so easy and you do not have to do anything, but invite your Facebook friends! I will then lead you the rest of the way, day by day, until the party is over. You can pick a 3 day, 5 day, or 10 day party. The longer the party the more money the party tends to make.
I promise you it is so easy and there isn't anything to lose. NOTHING! Only FREE Make-up to gain.
I hosted a party last month and sold $429.00. I earned $51.48 in YOUNIQUE CASH and 2 Half-Price Items. Just buy hosting an online party with my Facebook friends!!
What did I do with my Younique Cash?
I bought two 3D Fiber Lash Mascara and only paid $6.52 before the tax and shipping fee. THAT IS GREAT!
Our 3d Fiber Lash Mascara sells for $29.00 each and is our biggest seller. The product is amazing! You've seen me post my picture before...
I really need to take a new picture in better light. Maybe tomorrow :)
Are you ready to earn FREE MAKE-UP?


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