February 3, 2014

All Shades of Beautiful BB Cream.

I'm always on the search for a new BB Cream. I've tried almost every over the counter brand out there. Actually, I've never bought the same product more than once, until now! I knew that I love BB Cream, but all of them seemed too greasy/oily. However, I did love the coverage that I got.
Younique's BB Cream goes on smooth. I had one customer tell me,
"It feels like it melted in my skin.
It's so light and I love how I can't even feel it on."
 That's how I feel! I love how creamy, smooth, and easy it is to put on. It also leaves a matte finish.
If you're in the market for a new BB Cream I highly recommend Younique BB Cream.
There are 6 shades to choose from...
My Shade is Bisque. Which shade would you be?
Here is a picture of me so you can try to determine your shade.
Younique February Kudos...
In the month of February you get....

Double the Party Points for BB Flawless!

"The celebration continues with our Virtual Parties by getting double the party points for every single BB Flawless tube, and 390 extra points added to every Collection that contains BB Flawless!" -Younique Website
If you do not want to host a party that is fine, but I would be very grateful if you can link your order to the party that I'm hosting :)

Raychel Kennedy's BB Cream Party.


Welcome to my Younique BB Cream Party. We are ALL SHADES OF BEAUTIFUL!

This party is done 100% online! No need to leave your house – let’s shop and party "virtually!" So feel free to browse the wonderful Younique cosmetics and remember that when you make a purchase it is helping me reach my party goals! If you have any questions let me know. Party on!

 P.S. This party is to highlight our new shades of BB Cream but you can link any order to this party. It doesn't have to be a BB Cream order. Thank you!
- Raychel Kennedy, Your Party Host
All orders from February will get their name in a drawing.
The more you purchase in your order the more times your name will be added. Buy one thing your name will be added once. Buy three things your order will be entered 3 times. One winner will get a FREE SURPRISE GIFT sent to them from me at the end of the month! GOOD LUCK!


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