March 27, 2014

Younique Expandng to Australia!

Do you have any Aussie friends??
Or are you in the United States and are thinking of becoming a Younique Presenter? Keep reading for a great deal!

 Younique‬ is expanding to Australia‬ on April, 1st 2014! This is a huge ‪‎opportunity‬ to become one of the 1st founding presenter in a country that is new to selling Younique!
If you know someone please share this with them or message me! Don't let them miss out on an extra $1,000 a month (like me) or an extra $30,000 a month (like my up-line). My up-line signed up #36 and I so wished I jumped on the bandwagon then. I decided to wait a year and signed up #2264. I'm so happy that I signed up when I did. Younique now has over 20,000 presenters! Please, share, share‬, share this amazing opportunity! 
Younique sells natural based skin care and makeup....

 Our famous 3D Fiber Lashes can be found on my Younique website HERE.
Younique has lip-gloss that isn't sticky! I even sleep in the clear "LOYAL" lip-gloss.
 Our Eye Pigments can be turned into EYE shadow, eye liner, lipstick, blush, hair chalk, and nail polish. You can't beat that for only $10 each!
and check out how fast Younique has grown in the US. Just imagine where Younique will be in Australia in just a year!
Become a Younique Presenter today!
Or wait until APRIL 1st, 2014 if you are an AUSSIE! I'd love to have you on my growing team.
If you are in the United States and join Younique before the end of the month you will get $29 YCash and 10 free catalogs ($20 Value). That's like getting a free 3D Fiber Lash just for signing up!


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