April 29, 2014

I hit GREEN with Younique!! Work from Home!

What an exciting day!
 I hit GREEN with Younique! On top of my daily pay I also get a $500+ Bonus check, a pay raise, my Green charm, a silver bracelet, a trip to a leadership retreat in Utah, and a Coach purse from my up-line! This is so exciting! I'm still building my team if any one wants to talk about starting your own Younique business!
I can't wait for my Green Charm and bracelet to come in the mail!
Check out my new Coach Purse!
This company is so much fun! I can not wait to go to the leadership retreat and to tell you all about it. This month I will make $1500, if not more, with Younique. Every month it grows more and more. What would you do with an extra $1500 a month? I just paid for a beach vacation for my family :)
Are you thinking about starting your own Younique business? I would love for you to be on my team! Here is my Younique Website message me with any questions you have :)


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