August 16, 2014

How to get rid of eyelash clumps. Younique's Eyelash Comb & Eye Brow Brush

Say goodbye to eyelash clumps!

If you wear mascara you know about the dreaded mascara clumps! Younique now has a duel sided lash comb / brow brush makeup tool. I already have my hands on one and it is awesome! The quality is great and it does its job. My 3d Fiber Lashes from Younique has never looked better thanks to this tool. 

(my eyes)

Right now you can get this $20 value Eyelash comb and brow brush for FREE when you order a collection from my Younique Website. (August 2014 Only)

My favorite collection is the EYE-Tastic collection from Younique. It has everything you need for the prefect eyes....

It comes with:
and the free

$163 for $119! 

And check this out.....

Look how my eyelashes are still in place! This picture was taken after a funeral where I cried my heart out. My hypoallergenic & water resistant 3D Fiber Lash mascara from Younique didn't budge! I love this product!

If you are interested in this product or starting your own Younique business message me!
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