October 29, 2014

Smear proof lip liner. It passes the "KISS" test.

Smear Proof Lip Liner

I've received numerous comments on my lips the last few months, since I started to use this new product. People have seen me kiss my husband and kids and have stated, "Wow, your lipstick didn't budge!" 

I have a secret. I'm not wearing lip stick! 

I kid you not, these last all day long. I just put a solid coat all over my lips. I can eat, drink, take a shower and it's still on! It's the perfect matte lip look you're looking for. 

Easy to remove. It will fade away eventually or you can add some chap-stick over it and it will glide right off. Tell me what you think. Which shade is your favorite?

I never thought I could pull of red lips, but it's my new thing!

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