May 28, 2014

Mini Collection

No longer for sale after May 31st.
Save 33% when you order this Mini Collection from my website! There is only 4 days left to order before they are gone! Our top sellers in one collection. It's a must have!
$29 value- 3d fiber lashes
$20 value - 2 eye pigments
$15 value - Lipgloss (not sticky)
? value - makeup bag not for sale unless it's with this collection

May 27, 2014

Paint Splatter Cake. DIY TIPS

Paint Splatter Cake
Last summer I had the request to make a paint splatter cake. Very simple to do if you are thinking about creating your own. For this cake I made a 6" and 4" round cake, covered them in black fondant, and splashed neon color royal icing on it using a knife.
TIP: heat up the royal icing in the microwave for a few sections until it is water thin. Add coloring, mixing well and then splatter!
Since the Splatter Cake was so quick and easy to do I was very excited to hear that my daughter, Madison, wanted this cake for her 9th birthday. I changed up the colors slightly and made matching cupcakes. I, also, used a black cake board instead of the white one. What do you think? It was a hit at her party and Madison was so excited that she was the one who created all the "SPLAT" marks.
Happy 9th Birthday, my love!

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May 25, 2014

Natural based makeup and skin care for sensitive

This week only (ends May 31st, 2014) buy 2 of the same products and get 1 free from me! 
If you have any questions email me HERE.

Are you in the market for a new skin care and makeup line? I found Younique's products at the right time in my life. I just got off heart medicine that broke my skin out like crazy and I was embarrassed to leave my house. I started to sell Younique and my skin is better than ever! I love it!
This BB Flawless cream leaves your skin flawless. It's lightweight and not greasy. It blends perfectly in your skin.

 Our natural based Mineral Touch Foundation & Pressed Powder gives you the perfect full coverage that you are looking for...

 This makeup gives you full coverage without feeling cakey. It is light weight and blends evenly.
All orders this week will help me get my husband to BERMUDA with me. I won my free trip and working hard to get him there with me. I would love your support and if you have any questions let me know. Thank you!

AND YES! We still have a few hundred Mini Collections left. Check out my results...

May 9, 2014

Eye Pigment Giveaway! $40 Value


I really debated posting this, but I couldn't live with myself if I let you miss out.  I've realized that I'm posting more about Younique then crafts and I promise I will find a balance. Stay with me!! lol. 

Alright! So I'm hosting a giveaway on my Younique Facebook Page and I don't want you to miss out! 

Enter for your change to win a FREE 4 set of  Eye Pigments from Younique. This is my own personal giveaway! 

In this picture I am wearing Sexy, Feisty, & Devious.  I'm also wearing Lavish Lip Gloss and 1 coat of 3d fiber lashes.

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May 4, 2014

Graduation Gift Ideas. Texas Shirt.

Graduation Gift Idea

This is hands-down the best gift, regardless who you're buying it for. This gift is great for people of all ages, the people who love their home states & the people who hate their home states! Wouldn't it be funny to give this to someone as a gift who absolutely hates the town they grew up in? Regardless, it's still their HOME STATE and they can never change that! This shirt is the perfect gift for that high school graduate going off to college. Let them walk down the campus being proud of their home state! 

I've bought 2 of these shirts. A purple Texas Home State shirt (FOR ME!!) & it is the biggest conversation starter! I've never had this many people come up asking where I bought a shirt before.

The 2nd shirt I bought was for my brothers 19th birthday. He has been away at college for a year now and I didn't want people to ever ask where he was from. 
When my brother opened his shirt he loved it, but my mom loved it more! She wore it and didn't give it back to him until spring break was over and he was off to college again. HAHA... so I decided to buy her the exact same shirt for Mother's Day...SHHHH!!! 

I now have bought 4 of the TEXAS HOME STATE SHIRTs from Home State Apparel's Etsy Page and I plan on buying more! I'm a proud Texas girl. I need one in each color and it's a hit as a gift!

Thank you Home State Apparel for being the Original Creators of these amazing HOME shirts. I love it! 

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May 3, 2014

Mini Makeup Bag Collection

 May Kudos

 Look what I just ordered for mother's day! 

What I love about this collection is it's the colors I already wear on a daily basis. I love it! It comes with (about $74) with of products for $50! It's a great buy. 

If you were planning on ordering some 3D Fiber Lashes this is a great upgrade! You will love it! and if you don't we have The Love It Guarantee!

I found a selfie of me already rockin' these colors :)
And this is with only 1 coat of the 3d fiber lashes. Check out my results with two coats here...


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