November 28, 2015

Selfie Saturday... Why I love Younique and small business Saturday!

 Confidence is Beautiful!

I can look back into my mid 20's and you wouldn't catch me taking a "SELFIE", but I'm proud to say I don't dread the camera any more. I embrace it and I get paid to take selfies!

I stop caring about my outer appearance simply because not many people saw it, except for my family & the people at the nearest Target. Until, Younique! Being a work-from-home Mom doesn't mean you stop taking care of yourself. I, now, do it for me! I'm the mom who wears red lips even if I have nowhere to go. It makes me feel better when  I get a glimpse at my self as I walk by a mirror. I'm somehow more productive through out the day too.

Now, I'm 30. OMG 30!! And I love taking selfies, working from home, and being able to help my family make ends meet. I want you to know, your orders mean the world to me! I appreciate you! I appreciate you coming to my blog and seeing me create cakes, tutus, crafts, & makeup looks. I appreciate you ordering from my small business. Today is small business Saturday and I appreciate your business! Thank you for always supporting me! 


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