November 7, 2015

The Best Full Coverage Liquid Foundation. Can your makeup do this?

I had to make my own video! This liquid foundation is too good not to share with my blogger friends. I promise you; you want this full coverage foundation in your life!

I mustache you a question...

Will our Liquid Foundation cover up my MOVEMBER mustache? 

The things I will do for my customers. If our Liquid Foundation can cover up this marker mustache with our Powder Puff Brush, imagine what it can do for your uneven skin and dark circles. 

You have to watch this video and see for yourself...


What I love most about our PHOTOSHOP in a BOTTLE is a little goes a long way. It's not cakey & it's liquid thin. You only need 4-6 drops of our Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation for the whole face! It dries in a matte powder finish, but I still top it off with our Pressed Powder for extra coverage.

How to color match for Younique's Mineral Makeup...

Don't stress too much about this picture. It's just a guide. I tan pretty well, but I also BURN! I can wear Velour & Taffeta just fine. I'm wearing Velour in my video above. 

Let me know how I can help you.

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