July 12, 2016

Tanned even skin with Body Bronzer

 Wow! Look at the results I just got with my new favorite product! This body bronzer from Younique just evened out my skin tone in one easy to apply coat. Not to mention look at that tan! 

As you can tell, my legs haven't seen sun light in awhile. Do you see that leg on the left haha. Pasty pale!  I've been wearing my black leggings a little too long, but it's time to pull the shorts out. I couldn't go out the house with pasty pale legs, so I bought this Body Bronzer in Sunset and I love the results. 

Let me tell you about this Body Bronzer...
I have dark hair follicles, even if I shave my legs it looks like I have stubble. Also, I have scars on my legs, but this body bronzer evened everything all out and left a little shimmer behind. I'm in love! 

It's not a product that tans your skin. It's more of a body makeup, but it stays put all day until you wash it off. Trust me! I went to a Texas Rangers game in 100 degree heat. I sweated and my legs got stuck to the seat, but my body bronzer didn't budge.  

Best part, it's as easy to apply as lotion!
Let me tell you more!.
Younique Beachfront Body Bronzer comes in three shades:
► Sunset, for fair skin (what I used)
► Hermosa, for medium skin
► Malibu, for darker skin
More info... 
  • Masks the appearance of uneven skin tone and imperfections 
  • Contains a subtle shimmer that instantly creates the look of sun-kissed skin 
  • Coconut oil, green tea extract, sugar seaweed, sodium hyaluronate, and Vitamin E condition, protect, and nourish skin 


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